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Affordable & Cost Effective

At WebCourse we feel that e-learning software should be highly affordable and should be viewed as a decision that will not be a budget breaker. Because we support affordable courseware, users will find WebCourse is one of the most cost effective, full-featured e-learning products available.

In addition to users saving on online training software costs, users will find WebCourse can become a real cost saver in other ways. How? Here are a few examples:

  • In most cases WebCourse can take your existing training and educational material and quickly adapt it for use within our courseware.  This could potentially save on extensive development costs that many e-learning companies charge for creating or redesigning your training or educational content.
  • Since our product allows students to access learning materials on the web, organizations save considerably in terms of printing or duplication costs that are associated with traditional paper-and-pencil training materials.
  • Since our unique SingleVutm design presents both content and assessment within a single web browser, instructors will find learners can finish their assignments faster and thus have more time to devote to other tasks or organizational duties.
  • Our SingleVutm design extends to the instructor-side and allows instructors to create assessment items much more rapidly than is possible with other products.
  • WebCourse web-hosted service allows organization to shift responsibility of software administration to WebCourse, thus saving administrative costs as well as costs for using your own server space.

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