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Online Courseware For Continuing Education

Organizations and instructors involved in continuing education including those providing continuing medical education (CME), continuing legal education (CLE), continuing professional education (CPE) such as accounting, professional certifications and other professional development and training, will be amazed at how easy it is to move your training to the web.  WebCourse's unique layout and easy-to-use navigation will appeal to just about anyone who is responsible for building and maintaining continuing education programs, no matter their computer skill level. Better yet, the ease-of-use also applies to the student-side of WebCourse where students will find maneuvering to be logical and easy to follow.

With WebCourse continuing education instructors can have their training materials available on the web in a very short period of time even if these are presently in a printed form such as paper-&-pencil materials. Additionally, since WebCourse is a web-based solution, you can significantly improve your educational content by enhancing these with the inclusion of multi-media material.  The power of the web to provide instruction that appeals to many senses will excite your students and improve learning.  

Regardless of whether your current continuing education material is in paper form or you are looking to develop exciting new materials, training instructors will find WebCourse the perfect vehicle for delivering online instruction.

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