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  • WebCourse can help build affordable learning content specific to your organization's needs
  • Create in a wide variety of formats including popular multimedia file types
  • Learning materials may be reusable in other venues
  • Projects are cost-effective
  • Quick turnaround times can have learning materials online quickly

Building Learning Content

For organizations that are seeking a whole product solution that includes learning content as well as product delivery,  WebCourse can help.  Our team can help build new content that is designed for your organization's unique learning situation. Our content development services offer our clients full input on the material they want covered in their learning program.

WebCourse can also enhance your existing materials, such as your current training materials, to create an exciting new approach to learning this material. Our services apply to enhancements of both paper-based materials as well as computer-based training materials, such as material on an  organizationís Web site or on a CD-ROM. By enhancing static material employees, trainees and students will respond with greater interest, which will result in a stronger learning environment.

Our learning content capabilities include the following:

  • Assisting our customers is create exciting, information-rich learning content
  • Creating web-accessible documents from existing materials such as those originally created in word processing, spreadsheet or slide presentation file formats
  • Developing multimedia-style presentations in various popular web-based formats
  • Transferring video or audio materials to digital form
  • Enhancing or re-creating graphics

WebCourse can not only help build exciting learning materials but we can do it for a cost that will work within your instructional budget.  For further details on our learning content development service please contact us.

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