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Student-Side Demo for K-12 Schools, Districts & Teachers

To gain access to the demo for K-12 schools, districts and teachers you will have to sign in (just as your students would).  To gain access you must enter the appropriate Username and Password in the login box (see Instruction below).

By the way, students would normally see an ORIENTATION page on their first visit (the WebCourse software knows if it is the student's first visit and it tracks all subsequent visits so that you, the instructor, will have a complete record of your student's online attendance). We do not show the ORIENTATION page in this demo.

Instructions for Entering Demo
To begin the Demo click on the link below. You will be prompted for a Username and Password. Enter the word "student" for BOTH the Username AND Password. (Do not use the quotation marks and keep it all in lower case!).

Click Here to Start the Demo

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