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The WebCourse Free Trial makes it easy for you to see how WebCourse works in a real educational situation.  You can create a WebCourse, identify learning content* and build learning assignments including developing assessment item using multiple choice, true/false, short answer and essay formats. Once your WebCourse is set up you can quickly add your students and let them experience the excitement of WebCourse's interactive learning environment.  You will quickly see why WebCourse is much more than just a class web page!

The Free Trial provides the tools you need to test the power and flexibility of WebCourse.  To learn about additional features available in the Full-Featured Version for K-12 Schools and Districts districts please contact WebCourse. Individual teachers can learn about the Single-Teacher Version of WebCourse by clicking here.

We hope you like what you'll see and if you decide WebCourse is right for your educational needs simply click on the PURCHASE NOW button that will appear on your WebCourse Home Page.

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(The Free Trial does NOT allow for uploading of own materials. Uploading materials is permitted with most Service Plans. If testing the upload feature is important in your evaluation of WebCourse then please contact us.)

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