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The easy-to-use and unique user interface allows instructors to quickly build online learning materials!

List of Key Product Features for WebCourse

  • Our unique SingleVutm approach allows instructors to turn classroom concepts into real world examples by simultaneously delivering both Internet-based instructional content AND measures of student comprehension all on one screen in a way that is not matched by other courseware products.
  • The easy-to-use, intuitive site design will appeal to both instructors and students no matter what their computer skill level.
  • Our patent-pending technology allows instructors to build course materials quickly and easily without the hassles associated with course development found with other courseware products.
  • Supports the uploading of numerous file types including html files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentation, PDF files, multimedia files and many more.
  • A tightly integrated student management component offers instructors the ability to quickly monitor student activities including number and length of visits to the WebCourse and progress reports on required assignments.
  • WebCourse allows for additional features and enhancements customized to the specific customer needs.
  • The Web-Hosted Service service allows materials to reside on WebCourse's own servers and requires no special technical management on the part of the user or the user's organization.
  • Online registration and payment components can be included to streamline the student enrollment process.
  • Automated real time feedback will immediately alert students to areas requiring additional study time.
  • A time delivery feature allows instructors to control when and for how long an assignment is available for completion.
  • Messaging functions include options for general announcements, group-wide email messages and group discussions.
  • Offers a secure environment that is password protected for all users so that only the instructor can access their account and make changes to their WebCourse and student's can only access their own student account.
  • For organizations that want to provide WebCourse accounts to multiple trainer or teachers we offer top-level administration tools that allow for centralized control in assigning instructors, communicating with all users, monitoring seat level status and other useful account management options.
  • A variety of customizable options are also available for Web-Hosted Service option including insertion of organizational graphics such as corporate logo.
  • Users benefit from many new and upgraded features as introduced.
  • Depending on security settings, the web-based approach allows students and instructors to access WebCourse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer that has an Internet connection and a web browser, thus access it is NOT limited to just computers at training or educational sites.
  • Email and phone technical support are available for handling any operational issues that may arise.
  • Onsite training available for certain Web-hosted options.
  • The WebCourse pricing makes our product affordable to nearly anyone that wants to add technology to the instructional process.
  • and much more...

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