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WebCourse is an interactive learning environment!

Product Features for Individual K-12 Teachers

  • Students will find WebCourse to be a stimulating approach to learning that will energize their desire to learn even the most difficult topics.
  • WebCourse creates a dynamic learning environment that is significantly different than a static course web page.
  • Our unique, easy-to-use SingleVutm interface will have you creating exciting web-based learning materials in a matter of minutes.
  • The course management tools included with WebCourse give you total control over creation of your course materials including: selection of Internet LearningSites, scheduling of assignment completion times, choice of assessment question types, posting of class announcements and much more.
  • The course reporting tools provide up-to-date information on each student's status including reports that show each student's status on assigned tasks, course assess activity, comparison to others in the class and more.
  • The Single-Teacher version of WebCourse allows teachers to create an unlimited number of Units and LearningSites and create an unlimited number of questions to test or evaluate your students for each LearningSite.
  • WebCourse works equally well in both the PC and Apple operating system environments.
  • Our extensive Knowledge Base includes answers to most questions related to setup, organization and operations of your WebCourse.
  • Our Instructor Help section includes help with locating exciting Web sites on thousands of relevant and useful topics.
  • A pricing plan that makes WebCourse affordable to nearly anyone that wants to add technology to the educational process.
  • Email technical support is available through length of service.

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