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  • Deliver assessment & training content on one screen
  • Reinforces learning & improves comprehension
  • Benefits for both student and instructor
  • Assessment creation is quick & easy
  • No need to switch between multiple screens
  • Eliminates mistakes & builds stronger assessment
  • Patent-pending technology is unique to WebCourse

What is SingleVu?

The most unique feature of WebCourse is what we call SingleVutm. SingleVu is an approach to learning in which the learner is simultaneously exposed, within a single web browser, to both the information that must be learned and the material that instructors use to assess learning. Instead of having students constantly switch between content and assessment or having assessment occur in a separate section of the online learning product, SingleVu presents both at the same time. In this way assessment or other learning activities can occur while students are exposed to the learning material!

The SingleVu design sectioning off the web browser into an upper (or instructional content window), which contains the web-based materials (we call these LearningSites) selected by the instructor, and a lower (or instructional assessment window), which contains instructor created assessment items related to the LearningSites. In this way a student who is having trouble providing an answer to an assessment item (e.g., multiple choice question) knows where to find the relevant information and can quickly access it for review.

In addition to the benefits offered to learners, SingleVutm is extended to the instructor-side by allowing the instructor to develop assessments while simultaneously seeing the information for which the assessment is being created. Our patent-pending design allows instructors to develop their assessments such as multiple-choice, true-false, short answer and essay questions without the hassle of switching between different programs or different screens within the same program. All information is right in front of you on a single computer screen!

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