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WebCourse was developed to meet multiple learning needs and to assist training and teaching professionals who are working hard to incorporate technology into the learning process. Additionally, WebCourse has been developed with input from instructors, learners and administrators and the result is a product that offers features that benefit all users.

All instructors will quickly appreciate the value of delivering learning materials using our unique SingleVutm approach, which offers both instructional content and assessment within a single web browser. At WebCourse we feel that SingleVu is an intuitive, logical format that will create interest and excite students while also providing a mechanism for improving your students' comprehension.

However, the SingleVu feature is not limited to just the student-side of WebCourse. The instructor will also experience the value of SingleVu since it is incorporated within the assessment development tools and will allow instructors to quickly, conveniently and more accurately create assessment items.

Now it's guarenteed to be unique!!!
WebCourse Services was granted a patent for their unique and easy-to-use approach to online education/training.

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