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Product Features - K to 12 Schools & Districts

  • WebCourse's specialty is to tap into the enormous power and remarkable wealth of Internet sites (we call these LearningSites) that will excite students by bringing real world examples to classroom discussions, lesson plans, Webquests and homework assignments.
  • WebCourse offers teachers the flexibility to build learning materials that fit their particular needs from simple homework assignments to fully developed lesson plans.
  • Our unique SingleVutm delivery of learning materials, brought together simultaneously with assessment tools, will improve students' comprehension of online assignments.
  • The SingleVu design extends to the teacher-side as well and allows teachers to develop questions and other assessment materials related to their online assignments without the need to switch between different programs.
  • The course management tools included with WebCourse give you total control over creation of your course materials including: selection of learning materials, scheduling of assignment completion times, choice of assessment question types, posting of class announcements and much more.
  • WebCourse supports the uploading of numerous file types including html files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentation, PDF files, multimedia files and many more.
  • The course reporting tools provide up-to-date information on each student's status including reports that show each student's status on assigned tasks, course assess activity, comparison to others in the class and more.
  • The use of WebCourse helps teachers and others, such as technology coordinators, achieve the goal of bringing technology, and the Internet in particular, to the classroom.
  • Because WebCourse is a web-based product teachers and students are NOT limited to access only at school but can access WebCourse at any time and from anywhere Internet access is available.
  • WebCourse works equally well in both the PC and Apple operating system environments.
  • The design and layout is extremely user-friendly and no matter what the user's technology skill level both teachers and students will quickly become comfortable navigating within WebCourse.
  • The instantaneous feedback available through WebCourse assessment tools will immediately alert students to areas requiring additional study.
  • An extensive KnowledgeBase is available that covers most issues with operating and using WebCourses.
  • Our top-level administration tools allow for centralized control in assigning teachers, communicating with all users, and other useful account management options.
  • Our Web-hosted service operates the product from WebCourse's own servers thus eliminating concerns network administrators may have with managing its delivery over school or district computer networks.
  • Email and phone technical support are available for handling any operational issues that may arise.
  • Onsite training available for many Web-hosted service options.

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