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Corporate Training Software & Solution

Corporate trainers will enjoy the ease by which they can create online training and educational materials with WebCourse.  Our unique SingleVutm design, provides an easy and intuitive approach for building online courses. Instructors will find that creating online training materials can be accomplished in a very short period of time. 

With WebCourse you can quickly adapt your current training manuals, modules and programs even if these are presently in a printed form such as paper-&-pencil materials.  Our unique layout and easy to follow navigation is well suited for moving your materials to the web. Even easier, if you already have web-based content including these in your WebCourse is a snap! Regardless of whether your current training material is in paper form or portions exist on the Internet, training instructors will find WebCourse the perfect vehicle for delivering online instruction.

For organizations looking for a solution that offers  both delivery and instructional content,  WebCourse can help.  We can assist your organization in building relevant, student-focused learning materials.

If you manage corporate training programs you should consider WebCourse as a way to either enhance classroom-based training or as a means for delivering your entire corporate training program online. WebCourse offers the power, flexibility and features you need in an online corporate training solution.

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